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The hidden canyon... 

 Specially made for sporty adventurers

who love wildness and adrenaline!!!

unforgettable canyon, lost in mountains that

I am the only one to  go with my customers.

Beautiful and big abseils in cristal and pure water.

As usual wild beauty is hard to see and

you will need 45 min hard walk approach

to rich the top of this lost jewel!

annecy canyoning

Sporty people only!

Price: 100€ per person


high price cause  4 person maximum in the group and big guiding work 


an other world

Perfect for sporty people who think they have done everything in the area or those who want to try a real wild approach of the activity...

annecy canyoning
annecy canyoning
annecy canyoning
annecy canyoning

RDV: on the church parking of Saint Jean de Sixt then we will follow each other to the canyon


 sports shoes


bottled water and picnic

all the technical gear is provided!!!

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