For bands of friends,
stag party days and bachelorette party days I can suggest 
multi activity days during witch you can practice
rock-climbing, three-climbing, via-ferrata, paragliding, bungee jumping,
water-skiing and wake boarding...
and I can give you tips about restaurants, hostels, spas,
places to see around our spot... 
Talking about prices,
Obviously the groom won't pay and you will pay special rates
according to the chosen activities
All included days can be organized and I will be with you all day long
to reach a maximum usability relationship!!!
Every canyon got his charm and his special features so take your time reading again all the descriptions and if you need help... contact me! 
Angon waterfall
Two different courses:
-Down part
for beginners and kids
-The complete lap
more technical and physical
Very close to Annecy and
Aravis mountains...
Montmin river
A really wonderfull canyon,
technically complet
with abseils and rope games.
Very funny thanks to
many jumps and slides.
It is athletic but very approachable still.
Close to Annecy lake...
The vegetal emerald
in Chartreuse mountains!
It warms you up
and gently increase in power!
A must around Aiguebellette lake
in Annecy and Chambéry area...
Two different courses:
-Down part
is more wildly open, adaptable to
everyone and full of surprises!
-The upper part
is more narrow and technical.
Right in the heart of Chamonix valley...
Just perfect for kids
this "mini"course is made
for those you want to
discover all the joys of this sport
and this magic world...
For kids and families...
In Bauge natural park close to Chambéry...
You need more infos before to choose?
Need an advise?
Your case is particular?
(handicap, transport, organization)
Ask directly your guide!
You got a question? You need an advice?
Call me 
 00 33 626 582 61
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