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Pont du Diable

A half-day course in an impressive and funny canyon,

the most beautiful in the area, big jumps and wild atmosphere ...

In the earth of Bauge mountains, close to Annecy and Chambéry, this canyon is ideal for a discovering trip for adults, big jumps (non-binding), slides, rope games (abseils) and a incredibly wild atmosphere. this canyon is just breath taking! give it a try! it's gonna be the day of your holidays!!!

annecy canyoning
annecy canyoning
annecy canyoning
annecy canyoning

Perfect for

beginners, adults, sporty or not, friend groups or families...

from 14years old

Price: 65€ per person


groups and family discount from 5 persons


5€ discount per person

A superb and vegetal canyon perfectly adapted to sporty beginners or those who just want to rediscover this activity in the beginning of the season.

Perfect to share a funny day with your family or friends. It is physically speaking easy. You can try to jump or you will be lifted down with a rope, you will discover little slides you will enjoy for sure...

Contemplative canyon full of beauty and generally less crowded than others around in this area...


 sports shoes

swimsuit and

bootled water

the technical gear is provided!!!

RDV: Parking X between D61A and D912,

73340 Bellecombe en Bauges

annecy canyoning

Don't hesitate and come with me to discover this mysterious canyon!

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