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My canyoning trips are week-ends or weeks bringing you to the most beautyfull french spots to practice this terrific activity. When I create a trip I am particule  focused on the beauty of the place, the taste of the food, the smile and the look of people in the area... and then I do my best for you to discover all the little details of this place. So now you know... we won't go there to consume and take but to share, being surprised and moved.

So, taking our time, one canyon per day will be enough and we will go hiking, relaxing, rock-climbing around, discovering the place and its surroundings...

In short, you will enjoy real sporty holidays accorded to your wishes and your exercice capacities.

So jumping wonderland with me and have look on trips I suggest!!!


in Bavella Mountains


Annecy countryside


Vésubie valley

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